Trick or Treat: The Evolution – By Lee Farghaly

I don’t know if I’m getting old before my time, but I can’t help feeling that trick or treating has changed dramatically since I was a kid, and I’m still relatively young, especially with my boyish good looks! Halloween never used to seem that popular to me growing up, but there seems to have been an explosion in its popularity in recent years.

Trick or treat

Halloween History

Each year the popular film at the time inspires the costume of choice. Last year for girls it was Harley Quinn out of Suicide Squad, this year it’s looking like it’ll be the clown Pennywise from ‘It’. Back in my day you just threw anything together. I’m sure I once put a black bin on as a cape and wore a wolf mask. At the time I thought I looked amazing, but looking back I probably looked like a penny budget version of Wolverine.

If you’d been around for the earliest Halloweens, you might have worn animal skins and heads for your costume! Just imagine how terrifying that would be today, not just for the person seeing it but also the person wearing it. There is zero chance that I would give that a go.

When trick or treating, you also originally had to dance for your ‘treat’. Not that it’d be an issue for me, I would simply start breakdancing or pull out some other smooth moves, but not everyone is blessed with dancing ability.

Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm and joy for Halloween. Come October 31st, once it gets dark, the energy companies must be fuming, as 99% of houses are in complete darkness, with the occupants seemingly happy sitting in darkness rather than having to answer the constant barrage of knocks on the door and inevitable dishing out of sweets. If you don’t have anything to offer, you may even risk your house getting egged!

Get involved

The best way to deal with Trick or Treaters, and Halloween in general, is to simply embrace it, it’s all a just a bit of fun really.

If it’s not just Halloween that’s scaring you, and you’re finding the new job hunt equally frightening, get in touch with us today!

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