Valentines Day And Love Is In The Air

Love my job

Do you remember your first love?  Of course you do.  We all remember when we knew we had finally found ‘the one’.  That glow we got when we realised that we had made a connection that would make us want to get out of bed everyday.  That little feeling when we knew something was meant to be.  Yes; I love my job.

What?  Did you think I meant some significant other?  Well, I have one of those as well (and, yes I love them) but when you think about it my job and my other half have a lot in common.  I spend a large part of my week with them.  They both take up a lot of my thoughts. Actually, they both contribute to paying the bills as well now I come to think about it.  Yes, in many ways your job is not unlike your life partner.

I suppose, in the spirit of fairness we should also remember that we occasionally have bad days with them, that now and again they will be frustrating and that sometimes we will want to have a good old moan about them over a glass of wine.  Good days and bad days are all part and parcel of a long-term relationship whether that is with a spouse or a job.

Here at Jobwise we all love our working life.  There is something about being a recruiter that turns a job into a vocation.  It just sort of happens one day; sooner or later all good recruiters realise that they have been smitten.  It is that moment I was talking about when I introduced this article.  It happened to me years ago and (this is the really good part) it still happens every time I find the right role for the right person.  Every time I place someone in a position I know they will enjoy I get that same little rush of happiness.

When you think that you spend most of your day doing it, clearly it is quite important to love your job isn’t it?  We think so and we have helped many people find the job they love over the years, thousands of our candidates go on to long, fruitful careers.  In an ideal world everyone would be happy at work.

Sadly, we also know that sometimes you are not happy in your employment and we are always pleased to help if you need some advice or guidance in looking for a new position.  In fact, as I already said, finding people a great job is a real buzz for us.  If the time has come to consider a new role why not pop in and see us?  When all is said and done your job is an important part of your life and we want you to be happy in it.

Maybe we will see you soon, but for now I hope you all get a little amore, a tight hug, a touching gift and perhaps even a romantic tete-a-tete after work on Friday, because even though we love it here at Jobwise, work isn’t everything.

Happy Valentines Day.


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