Lights, Camera and employment – Why video is becoming so important in recruitment

Lights, Camera and employment – Why video is becoming so important in recruitmentJust a few years ago, video was the magical domain of a specialist producer who carried around a lot of expensive and technically difficult equipment that would be deployed like a science fiction set to record a video. In fact, for most of us, seeing ourselves on the TV or computer screen was still a novelty until quite recently. It’s funny how fast things change Now we are all used to being videoed as part of our daily lives, and we seem to have just accepted it without question.

Technology has changed

Of course, the main reason for our new acceptance of video is the availability of the technology that brings it into the reach of the casual user. Almost everyone has a pretty good quality video recorder and camera on their phones, and we all know how to use it. So does this mean the video maker is now out of work? No, of course it doesn’t, because like all these kinds of jumps in technology, having the equipment doesn’t mean you have the training to produce high-level work. What it does mean though is that you can, with just a small amount of practice and a bit of forethought, use video to help in both seeking a job and attracting the right candidate. Professionally produced video works great, but homemade is still effective if used right.

Importance of video

We are really aware of the importance of video here at Jobwise. If you look around our website, you will find that we are quite heavily invested in video. We use it to promote and explain what we do here as well as introduce vacancies and other information. The reason for this is very simple. The majority of us prefer to receive our information in a visual form, and the reason we prefer it this way is because it works. It’s horses for courses really; video is good for quick snippets of information such as job overviews, writing is needed when you are looking into the details. The bottom line is that most people like to see things.

Attract people to your vacancy

For businesses looking to recruit, video can really help attract the right people to your vacancy. In a recruitment market where unemployment is running at a very low rate, the more you can do to encourage the candidate you need, the better. Anyone who works in recruitment will tell you that job-seekers are looking for more than a few pounds extra because job satisfaction is king. In fact, we have built our ethos here on finding people a job they will love. When a candidate is considering a role these days, they will usually go to check out the website of the potential employer. If there is a video there showing them around and introducing the team, it will personalise the experience for them. Many of the larger corporate businesses now use a specific recruitment video.

Reinforce your skills

In the case of the prospective employee, video can be an excellent reinforcement of your skills and talents. If you are going for a job which as a very specific skill-set, for example, as I am writing this we have a job up for an upholsterer, why not have a link on your CV to an example of your work? Social media is a great way to show off what you do as well. Remember though, just like any other post it says a lot about you, so it’s probably best to keep that video of you doing the Macarena after a few lemonades under wraps.

2017 is going to continue to be strongly about video, and this is great news for recruiters, employers and candidates if it is used right.

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