Why it’s important to love what you do – By Lee Farghaly

LoveBeing happy in your work is one of the key factors in having a happy life overall. For the majority of us, we spend more of our waking time at work than we do at home, so being in a work environment which allows you to thrive is essential. There are a number of factors which make it so important to love what you do:

You’re more motivated

Loving what you do creates a passion to do well in your job. You’re more motivated to succeed, and are therefore more likely to put more time in to your work. That doesn’t mean you have to do crazy hours and basically live in the office, but it means you’re dedicated to making sure your company succeeds.

Work doesn’t feel like work

You wake up every morning in a good mood; instead of moaning and wishing you didn’t have to go in. If you can wake up and look forward to going to work, then you’ve found your calling. There is nothing worse than being in a role which fills you with dread when you wake up in the morning. If that is the case, maybe you need to make a change?

Your business will benefit

It’s very important that you benefit from your work, but your place of work can also benefit from you! If you love what you do, you’ll make sure your business is the best it can possibly be. If something goes wrong, you want to help fix it. If something goes right, you then get to feel proud of your achievements.

You’re happier

There’s nothing worse than not enjoying what you do. And it shows. Whether it comes out through getting upset on your way home, or taking out your frustration by arguing with friends and family, your unhappiness is likely to come out in your everyday life. When you love what you do, you’re more likely to be happy, and that benefits more than just you, it affects those closest to you aswell.

Here at Jobwise we believe passionately in loving what you do. Matching the right person to the right job goes to the very heart of our service, and we believe we have the passion, ability and commitment to find your perfect match; whether that be a job you will love, or a candidate that you will love. Get in touch with us today!

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