Thank you for coming – You are not quite what we were looking for.

Choosing the right person.

Not so long ago I was waiting to meet with a client in the lobby of a large hotel. I grabbed a coffee and found a seat away from the bustle of reception at a table that was frankly way too big for just me. Within moments, a rather nice old couple wandered over and asked if they could join me and we began chatting. They were absolutely charming we got on like a house on fire. Of course, they asked what I did, and I told them I worked in recruitment. At which point one of them asked me a question that seemed a little odd. She said:

‘Can you tell me in one sentence what your job is? Not a job description but actually what your role is about’

She was one of those twinkly-eyed old ladies with a touch of the Devil in her, and I saw she was enjoying my surprise.

“Well, I do a lot of things” I replied “Such as working with candidates to improve their…”

“No,” She interrupted, “That’s your job description. I want you to tell me what you actually do, in one sentence. For example if I was circus clown I could say ‘I make children happy’ see what I mean?”

I thought about this. It is more difficult than you think to reduce your job down to one simple description so after a moment I said:

“I help employers find the right person, and I help people find the right employer” and when it comes down to it, this is the main reason our clients come to us.

At the moment, with a skills shortage in some areas and the economy encouraging growth (and therefore jobs), it is more important than ever that employers are getting access to the right candidate quickly. It is not always easy, however, and some common barriers to the employment process are:

  • Availability of ‘job right or ready’ applicants
  • A lack of appropriately skilled or educated candidates
  • Limited recruitment practices
  • Time pressure to filter candidates for suitability and administer the recruitment process.

Here at Jobwise we filter all candidates for suitability before we even consider putting them forward. Each potential employee then has his or her references checked, and we carry out an interview to confirm suitability for the specific role. All of this happens after we have utilised a range of approaches, from traditional advertising to social media, to gather the candidate pool in the first place. This filtering means that before a candidate is even put forward, our clients have already benefited from avoiding the list of barriers I mentioned earlier. So, you should never need to use the phrase in the title of this article because the candidates we suggest will almost certainly already be what you were looking for.

In fact, the pre-selection process is a great example of that one line description of my job, because by the time you meet a prospective employee they are already likely to be the right person for your business.

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