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Have you thought about your Personal Brand?

I’m not one to embrace exercise, or dieting to welcome the new year in (there’s always some chocolates left, would be such a shame to waste them) I am however, an advocate of working out and flexing a bit of career muscle at this time of year.

January is a busy time for me; as a professional CV writer at CK Futures my customers desert me mid-Dec on-wards as their attention is drawn to thinking about family, gifts and cooking the Christmas dinner – in short, they are busy thinking of everyone apart from themselves.  But by January often ‘Finding a new job’ is top of their New Years do list.

If you are such a person, I would like to point out the relevance and usefulness of thinking of yourself as a ‘Brand’ when it comes to job hunting:

Here is a text book definition of Personal Brand – just so you know I am not making this up for fun or mischief:

‘Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personalbranding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.’

So, how can Personal Branding apply to you?

Looking for a new role will require the sourcing and application of several resources such as:

CVs, Covering Letters; Application Forms; Recruitment Agency Contacts; LinkedIn; Email communications; Telephone calls; Interview Preparation, not to mention Personal Presentation (i.e what to wear!).   

Communicating across these varied platforms requires a consistent, individual and honest message from you in order to be effective.

Strong candidates for any job, have a ‘Personal Brand’ that cuts across all their communication in writing, in person and on line.  This not only sharpens their message to employers, but it makes them look ultra smooth and well put together.

If you’ve never done this before, now is a great time to think of:

  • Who you are (can you think of 5 words that best describe you? – keep this ‘theme’ throughout your communications)
  • What you are offering (keep message consistent)
  • How you want to be perceived (check out your on-line presence and social media postings)

Give some thought to the sector you are applying for.  For example, if you are currently in Corporate Finance but want to shift to the charitable sector, can you make your Personal Brand a good fit?

My job as a writer, is to create a clear message from you to the employer that cuts across all your communications.  The result is that when the employer reads your covering letter, CV and LinkedIn, they get a strong portrayal of not only who you are, but what you will be like at work and what makes you unique from other candidates.

Hope you find this useful – here’s to a prosperous and happy 2016!


This blog has been written by Charlotte Eve, CK Futures Ltd, The Professional CV Writing Company.

Charlotte Eve is a professional writer for CVs/Covering Letters/LinkedIn/Personal Statements and an Interview Coach for managers and candidates at all levels.  If you need further assistance with CVs, LinkedIn, Covering Letters, interviews or any aspect of your job searching you can reach her at:

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