Yummy Mummy’s – Why UK Businesses Are Looking For Working Mums

Woman with baby working from homeFirst of all, before we talk about returning to work, we want to all stand up and give a big round of applause to all the women who took time off for maternity.  You know what?  You interrupted your work life, you learned a thousand new skills and you brought a new life into the world and raised him or her for months.  Just for once you deserve a bit of recognition for all your hard work.  I would challenge anyone who thinks being a Mum is easier than working, to get up at 3am with a teething child and still be awake enough to look after them when they are bouncing around and playing at 7am, it’s a full time job and, rewarding though it may be, it’s a hard one.

However, for most Mums there comes a time when you want to get back to work.  For economic and personal reasons the majority of women return to work.  Hopefully your maternity leave will end and you will transfer back in to your old role with little difficulty.  For some people though this is not what happens and it isn’t uncommon for a woman to want to change her working practices after maternity.

However, we often see returning Mothers taking difficult to maintain roles, or hesitating before trying to adapt the job to their lifestyle. So for a moment let’s look at the situation.

When you consider the skills and experience that a returning Mum can provide an employer it is easy to see why more of them are beginning to accommodate the needs and requirements of a working Mum.  Many employers are willing to consider flexible working for example, this means that the school run doesn’t need to be a nightmare of close shaves with lateness.  For a lot of employers offering the opportunity for different start or finish times, or flexible hours means that they can access a useful workforce.

Technology is also coming to the aid of the working mother.  The truth is that it is often not necessary for you to be in the workplace to complete the job these days.  Meetings can be held over teleconferencing and most of the day-to-day paperwork can be cloud based.  It is becoming more and more common for people to telecommute rather than actually be present in the workplace.

You also need to remember that we are coming out of a downturn in the economy and that means business will expand, expansion requires skilled workers and returning mums may well be the answer.

So, ask the question. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how flexible a prospective employer can be.  From their point of view they get a good worker in a role which suits them. From your point of view you get to work for a good employer who is flexible and willing to accommodate your family life in return for a loyal and applied worker.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.


Many of our staff here at Jobwise are working Mums and Dads, they understand the work/life balancing act. If you want to speak to someone about your next career move that will accomodate your family demands please dont hesitate to pick up the phone;

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