Agency Worker Regulations - What you need to know

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The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) is a set of rules that were introduced in 2011 to protect temporary workers by ensuring that they receive equal treatment to permanent employees in terms of pay and basic working conditions.

How does it work?

The AWR applies to workers who are contracted through an employment agency or business. If you are a temporary worker, then you are entitled to certain rights from day one of your assignment.

Since 1 October 2011, the AWR has given temporary staff extra benefits and opportunities. These benefits differ based on how long you have been working in your temporary role.

Benefits for Temporary Workers

From Day 1:

·        Full access to shared amenities and facilities such as canteens, vending machines, staff areas, lockers, uniforms if applicable, car parking, and provision of transport services.

·        Memberships to relevant clubs.

·        Toilet and shower room facilities, on-site gym.

·        Mother and baby room and childcare facilities.

·        Prayer room.

·        Access to all relevant job vacancies.

·        Chance to apply directly for a full-time or hired position at the company you are temping with.

From Week 12:

·        Equal pay (same as a permanent employee at the company you are temping with), bonuses, benefits, and performance-related commissions.

·        Equal holiday entitlement (same as a permanent employee at the company you are temping with).

·        Rest breaks; the number of and the length of breaks during the working day.

·        Opportunity to work different shifts and days where a permanent employee at the company has the same opportunities.

·        The same working day; not being asked to work more or fewer hours than a permanent employee.

·        Time off for antenatal appointments.

NB: To qualify for the 12 weeks, you must have worked 12 weeks in the same or similar role within the company.

The AWR provides a great opportunity for temporary workers to receive equal treatment and access to benefits that were previously only available to permanent employees. If you're already a temp, then this is great news!

Not yet a temp? This is an excellent opportunity to make a successful career out of temping. Contact your local Jobwise branch today at 0345 313 7450 to find out more about the opportunities available to you.

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