Privacy Policy

Your Rights

Jobwise’s privacy policy applies to and illustrates how information is gathered and distributed.

The data protection legislation administers the processing of information that relates to you and gives you rights in respect of your personal data.

What we collect

Jobwise only collects the personal information you choose to provide us when you visit the website. We only ever collect information to find out how you use our site (through Google Analytics) so we can gain beneficial user feedback.

For more information on what data Google collects visit:

How we use your information

The data you supply us with will be assessed and stored only by Jobwise. We provide a safe and secure environment by limiting the access to our database only to specific Jobwise staff.

The information we collect is used solely to gain feedback, which helps us provide you with a better service and a better website. Jobwise may use your information to contact you on the services we provide but under no circumstances do we pass on our data to other parties.

You choose what we see

You can access all of the personal information you submit to us at any time, and you can also edit or delete any information in your user profile settings page. If you ever change your mind about receiving communications from Jobwise, you can change your preferences by logging into your profile.