Why not temp if you are immediately available?

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In today's job market, it's no secret that the competition is intense. With unemployment fairly low, companies are becoming more cautious and turning to temporary workers to fill in gaps during busy periods or test the waters for possible growth opportunities. As a result, job seekers who are immediately available should be exploring temporary work as an option. It can open opportunities for permanent employment.

On the face of it, a permanent role may offer longer-term security, which makes it seem like the only option available. However, by not considering temporary roles, you could be missing out on future permanent employment. At Jobwise, we've found that one in every nine temporary workers secures a temporary-to-permanent role – an opportunity that was not available before they started working with us.

So why not temp? Let's explore some reasons why you should consider taking on temporary work if you're immediately available.


Temporary work offers flexibility that permanent roles can't match. Employers know that people are continuing their search for permanent opportunities alongside their current roles, so they're often flexible around interviews and days off if required. Temporary work is based on hours worked and paid weekly, so it's an excellent way to keep everything ticking over until you secure a permanent job.

This also takes the pressure off jumping into a position that may not necessarily be the right one for you. Generally, employers look much more favourably at CVs where people are consistently working as opposed to having gaps between employments.

Try Before You Buy

Temping allows you to have an insight into a particular job/industry/business before committing permanently. It enables you to effectively "try before you buy." This takes away a lot of the uncertainty and worries that can come with taking a new job because you already know you love the environment.

It also creates opportunities for those who are looking to change careers or try something new. Since the roles are temporary, companies are much more willing to be flexible with the experience required for the role.

Showcasing Your Skills

Temporary work allows you to showcase all your skills, build relationships, and prove that you're indispensable to the business. This will often result in a suitable permanent job being created and offered to you. By going in and doing your best, you'll make yourself stand out from other candidates who may not have taken on temporary work.

If you're struggling to secure the right role and are immediately available, temping could be the answer as you never know where it could lead. With flexibility, opportunities to try before you buy, and chances to showcase your skills, it's a fantastic way to keep everything ticking over until a permanent job is secured.

Don't miss out on potential opportunities simply because temporary work isn't what you initially had in mind. Keep an open mind, explore all options available to you, and take on any opportunity that comes your way – it could lead to something great! Check out our latest range of jobs.

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