Katie Spilsbury, Recruitment Consultant

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Let's dive into a day in the life of Katie, our resourceful Associate Consultant who does a little bit of everything. Katie has been with us now since March 2022.

In Katie's world, there is no such thing as a typical day, every day brings a new adventure! However, there are a few main tasks that keep her busy. Katie fills immediate bookings, registers at least two candidates daily, sources candidates for specific vacancies, matches profiles, engages in proactive business development through lead generation campaigns and sends CVs to clients - all while managing occasional back pain!

Katie's part of the job she loves most

It's seeing the candidates' reactions when they're offered their dream job. She finds great joy in helping people who are struggling to find temporary work and get back on their feet. Making a positive impact in people's lives is what fuels her. At just 20, what makes Katie most proud is the way she takes her job seriously.

Funniest memory

Katie’s funniest memory is on a client visit with Gemma, Stockport’s Team Leader. They locked all their notes and folders inside the car, leading to an awkward encounter with the client in the car park. Sweaty and late, they managed to salvage the situation and get business back on track.

Katie's advice to anyone considering joining Jobwise

It's crucial not to expect the same day every day because in this industry, surprises are only around the corner! Embrace the unpredictable nature of the job, stay proactive, and be compassionate towards candidates and clients alike.

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