Beating the Blank Page – Write a Killer CV Using Our FREE CV Builder

Beating the Blank Page – Write a Killer CV Using Our FREE CV Builder

For many people, the most difficult thing about writing a CV is looking at the blank page and wondering what to put where. It’s not that we don’t know what we want to say, but I think we have all experienced that writer’s block moment.

When it comes to your CV, there is a real pressure not just to make sure you say exactly what you want to say but also say it in a way that really works. The CV you send out can often be your first real contact with a potential new employer and the career you really want to have, so naturally, you want it to be perfect. The problem is that it’s just not as easy as sitting down and doing it.

There’s a lot to remember

It may be that one of the reasons people make mistakes with their CV writing is because there is a lot to remember, not just in terms of the way it is written, but also the information that needs to be in there. A common problem we see is people will sometimes miss out vital skills or even personal information by accident. With all the pressure of selling yourself well it’s perfectly understandable that this happens, so we set about finding a way to make things easier for our candidates. Of course, you are always welcome to pop in to see us, and we will be happy to offer a fresh pair of eyes to look it over and offer advice. However, we also wanted to make it so that you could sit down and have an easy way to put all the advice and guidance into practice and produce a killer CV.

The result was our free CV builder – There is a link at the bottom of the page so you can try it out for yourself.

Focus on one piece at a time

The CV builder is easy to use and takes all the pressure off you by letting you focus on one piece of the document at a time. Each section focuses on a different aspect of the CV and draws on our experience of what employers want to see. There are only five sections, and each section has an easy to use box that will populate your CV for you.

  • About Me – This is where you list all your personal details and a little bit about who you are. There are lots of tips about how to talk about yourself online, but remember to be honest and show yourself in the best light.
  • Education – Employers will want to know about your education level, and usually, that is from secondary school onwards. Don’t forget, you should always include A levels, Apprenticeships and similar. This is also where you should include any special work-related courses with recognised qualifications.
  • Employment History – One question we get asked a lot is how much should you include, and the answer is all of it really. This is particularly true if you are still early in your working life. Never make the mistake of thinking a job is too trivial or unrelated to be worth mentioning.
  • Skills – This is where you show off your skillset. Remember, this is not just about work skills, because your hobbies and interests will often give you additional skills that help round your application off – the icing on the cake! Oh, and don’t forget life skills such as a clean driving licence or the ability to speak a language.
  • References – Give this one a little thought. References need to be from someone who knows you and can vouch for your character, and where possible are a current or very recent employer. If you have a choice of several references than perhaps you should consider them carefully and evaluate where you will get the best one.


Then that’s it. You fill the boxes in, press generate and voila, a CV that will contain all the right information, made to your requirements and all done without the stress!

Why not give it a go – you never know it may be the start of a whole new career for you.

Click here to try the CV builder for yourself.

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